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Marriage: Are you ready brothers?

Posted: December 25, 2014 in Uncategorized

Four main qualities to look for in yourself:

1. Selflessness
Once you get married, you are the breadwinner of the family. You have to have willingness to sacrifice for your family. It’s not about what you need anymore it’s about what your wife might need or what your family needs. You will constantly need to be willing to sacrifice your time, money-essentially yourself-

2. Communication
You have to be able to communicate with your spouse. You should be able to console in her and seek advice from her. You need to talk to each other. It is better to deal with problems early and honestly than to let them pile up.

3. Contentment
There is no doubt that you will find flaws in each other. You might see a fault in her character or her appearance-You should look at her good qualities, perhaps they are more than the bad but because you have been focusing on the one fault you saw, you fell blind to her taqwa of Allah, her hayaa, etc. Before marriage, people often have unrealistic ideas about their spouse-to-be, expecting perfection in all aspects. This rarely, if ever, plays out in reality and can lead to unnecessary problems and concerns. We should recall that Allah, subhanahu wa ta’ala, created humans as imperfect beings, which means that many mistakes will be made throughout a lifetime. By turning the table and expecting imperfection, we will be pleasantly surprised and pleased when our spouse is much more than we ever hoped for. This, in turn, will lead to contentment within the marriage.

4. Patience
Your patience will be tested the most in the early stages of your marriage. You will see another side to your wife, that you probably weren’t expecting. This side to her will either be ‘ugly’ or will make you thank Allah. You will need to be able to compromise with her and have patience whilst doing so. Your patience is constantly being tested so make sure you are working on it now. Respect her, be good to her, and be gentle. Overlook her faults and mistakes and especially her bad hair days. She is trying just like you. Remember, in the end you both have the same ultimate goal… Making it to Jannah.

Author: @Bint_Danial