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Here is a beneficial extract from the post of Br. Abdulilah Lahmami – the Student of Shaykh Ubayd al-Jabiri & Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab Marzooq al-Banna and having recommendations from Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Haadee, Shaikh Muhammad al-Aqeel, Shaikh Falaah and others…

Mashallaah first week over and it has been as expected mashaallaah very beneficial.

Sheikh Ubayd from his house over the phone conducted his class even during his illness may Allaah give him strength and cure him, Ameen.

Sheikh Abdullaah Al Bukhaari may Allaah reward for explaining Baiquniyyah.

I must share, though with you today’s dars briefly,

Sheikh Muhammad ibn Haadi, today cried much in his dars, this one is a must for the last part of Meemiyah talks about the reality of what knowledge is.

Sheikh Muhammad said that from the poem it can be understood that knowledge is not to just memorise books or a fatwah to the letter!
Nor is it to just say Na’m Na’m Na’m in the majaalis!
Nor is it to just say Ya’ni Ya’ni, Ya’ni in the majalis!
Nor is it to just look the part with your head covering!
Nor is it to just wrap your legs with your hands or to tie them with a cloth in the majaalis!
Nor is it to just write books!
Nor is it to just read eloquently!
Nor is it to learn for the sake of teaching when one is not themselves prepared to sit and learn!
Nor is it by just lowering your head to show piety!
Nor is it sleeping through the whole night!

But knowledge is fear of Allaah,
knowledge is Ikhlaas and righteous deeds,
knowledge is knowing Allaah is watching you at all times,
Knowledge is checking yourself.
Knowledge is knowing how much you don’t know,
knowledge is humility,
knowledge is knowing you are questionable infront of Allaah for what you say and do…
knowledge is giving the people of knowledge their level that Allaah gave them
Knowledge is good manners
Knowledge is learning correct Aqeedah and Methodology
Knowledge is using your time beneficially
Knowledge is getting up for Qiyaamulayl
Knowledge is hoping and loving to meet Allaah
Knowledge is fear of Allaah

That is knowledge that benefits.

The sheikh went on to mention that Haafidh Al-Hakami was never seen in the markets, he was always learning or teaching benefitting the people. He was given an envelope with about 10000 riyals in those days by the government or authorities and he never opened it until it was found inside one of his books in his library.

This is what i can remember from what the sheikh said, this was a good reminder, a must listen inshaallaah.


  1. Elizabete Reis says:

    As salamu ‘alaykum, wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

    I am a sister from Brazil and I am constructing a blog upon salafiyyah. I have a request: I would like to share your posts to my brazilian brothers and sisters. But most of brazilian muslims don’t speak English, so, may I translate your articles [to Portuguese] and share them in my blog? I will cite the sources and give the credits of the original posts to your website. I will also add your site to my favorite list in my page, insha Allah.

    Barakallahu fikum

    Elizabete Reis

    my blog:

    • Wa’alaykumussalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. Sister,

      Pray you’re in the best of emaan and health, family too.

      Yes, please feel free to share Fisabilillah!

      May Allah reward you for your efforts and keep us steadfast upon Da’wah Salafiyyah – Ameen!

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