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Here is a beneficial extract from the post of Br. Abdulilah Lahmami – the Student of Shaykh Ubayd al-Jabiri & Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab Marzooq al-Banna and having recommendations from Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Haadee, Shaikh Muhammad al-Aqeel, Shaikh Falaah and others…

Mashallaah first week over and it has been as expected mashaallaah very beneficial.

Sheikh Ubayd from his house over the phone conducted his class even during his illness may Allaah give him strength and cure him, Ameen.

Sheikh Abdullaah Al Bukhaari may Allaah reward for explaining Baiquniyyah.

I must share, though with you today’s dars briefly,

Sheikh Muhammad ibn Haadi, today cried much in his dars, this one is a must for the last part of Meemiyah talks about the reality of what knowledge is.

Sheikh Muhammad said that from the poem it can be understood that knowledge is not to just memorise books or a fatwah to the letter!
Nor is it to just say Na’m Na’m Na’m in the majaalis!
Nor is it to just say Ya’ni Ya’ni, Ya’ni in the majalis!
Nor is it to just look the part with your head covering!
Nor is it to just wrap your legs with your hands or to tie them with a cloth in the majaalis!
Nor is it to just write books!
Nor is it to just read eloquently!
Nor is it to learn for the sake of teaching when one is not themselves prepared to sit and learn!
Nor is it by just lowering your head to show piety!
Nor is it sleeping through the whole night!

But knowledge is fear of Allaah,
knowledge is Ikhlaas and righteous deeds,
knowledge is knowing Allaah is watching you at all times,
Knowledge is checking yourself.
Knowledge is knowing how much you don’t know,
knowledge is humility,
knowledge is knowing you are questionable infront of Allaah for what you say and do…
knowledge is giving the people of knowledge their level that Allaah gave them
Knowledge is good manners
Knowledge is learning correct Aqeedah and Methodology
Knowledge is using your time beneficially
Knowledge is getting up for Qiyaamulayl
Knowledge is hoping and loving to meet Allaah
Knowledge is fear of Allaah

That is knowledge that benefits.

The sheikh went on to mention that Haafidh Al-Hakami was never seen in the markets, he was always learning or teaching benefitting the people. He was given an envelope with about 10000 riyals in those days by the government or authorities and he never opened it until it was found inside one of his books in his library.

This is what i can remember from what the sheikh said, this was a good reminder, a must listen inshaallaah.




What are some things that will keep a person firm upon Salafiyyah and distant from the paths of misguidance?

ANSWER by Shaykh ‘Ubayd Al-Jaabiree, well-known scholar and retired professor from the Islaamic University of Al-Madeenah  [ audio in ‘Arabic only ]

There are a number of affairs that will help someone in this. From them:

[1] Staying close to the people of knowledge, those who are known for:

  [a] their capabilities;

  [b] being foremost in virtues;

  [c] being well versed in knowledge;

  [d] their strength in (knowledge of) the Sunnah;

  [e] their adherence to it;

  [f] their harshness against the people of desires.

It is suitable that they are the ones to take (knowledge) from, the knowledge that is paired with wisdom.

[2] Staying distant from the people of innovation and desires, keeping away from their gatherings, and not subjecting oneself to their debating and argumentation.

[3] Reading the books authored by the Salaf, reading them with the scholars if that is possible. If that is not possible, then asking about the phrases or subjects which are difficult to understand within these Salafee books, asking the people of knowledge about them, so they can clarify any misunderstandings one encounters.


This was translated exclusively for from a published recording entitled Liqaa’ Maftooh, dated 1424/6/9. [ file no. AAUJ004 – click here for audio ]

In a certain class of people there rages an internal war, one that doesn’t take place on the battlefield, but in one’s bedroom, one’s office, one’s own home. It is a war that results in ulcers or an increase in blood pressure. Everything frustrates these people: they become angry at inflation, furious because the rains came late and exasperated when the value of their currency falls. They are forever perturbed and vexed, no matter what the reason.

They think that every cry is against them. [Qur ‘an, 63: 4]

My advice to you is this: do not carry the weight of the globe on your shoulders. Let the ground carry the burden of those things that happen. Some people have a heart that is like a sponge, absorbing all kinds of fallacies and misconceptions. It is troubled by the most insignificant of matters; it is the kind of heart that is sure to destroy its possessor.

Those who are principled and are upon the true path are not shaken by hardship; instead, hardship helps to strengthen their resolve and faith. But the reverse is true for the weak-hearted: when they face adversity or trouble, it is only their level of fear that increases. At a time of calamity, there is nothing more beneficial to you than having a brave heart. The one who has such a heart is self-possessed, he has firm faith and cool nerves. On the other hand, during the course of any given day, the coward slaughters himself many times with apprehensions and presentiments of impending doom. Therefore, if you desire for yourself a stable life, face all situations with bravery and perseverance.

And let not those who have no certainty of faith discourage you… [Qur’an, 30: 60]

Be more resolute than your circumstances and more ferocious than the winds of calamity. May mercy descend upon the weak-hearted, for how often it is that they are shaken by the smallest of tremors?

And verily, you will find them the greediest of mankind for life… [Qur’an, 2: 96]

As for those who are resolute, they receive help from their Lord and are confident of His promise.

He sent down calmness and tranquility upon them. [Qur’an, 48: 18]

A passionate lecture (from yesteryear) to the sisters imploring them to be Salafee upon proofs, evidences and principles, not merely association (i.e. marriage etc.) By Abu Khadeejah ‘Abdul-Waahid

Listen/Download 65 Min.


Although this lecture was given many years ago [cassette], it is something very important for sisters to reflect upon. So that she is solidified upon the path of Qur’aan and Sunnah, knowing the proofs, knowing the evidences, understanding qawaa’id (principles), not merely upon association (i.e “I’m Salafee because my husband is Salafee”), because if those individuals shift in their ideas and principles, will the Muslim sister shift with it automatically? If her friends go somewhere else, does she follow them? Or does she have religious principles that guide her and help her maintain upon the haqq? If her marriage fails, does her salafiyyah end? This is an important discussion given that it is commonplace that she may ascribes herself to Salafiyyah simply due to the disposition of her family or relatives, but without principles, knowledge and understanding, this association can change overnight. The blessed methodology of the salaf is a path to following the pristine Qur’aan and Sunnah upon the understanding of the Companions and those who followed them in righteousness, it is a path to salvation, clarity upon the sunnah, being far away from innovation and hizbiyyah – it should not be treated lightly but rather it should be given the utmost importance.

From the topics discussed:

•    The importance of seeking knowledge (for sisters).
•    The danger of peer-pressure
•    Liberation or degradation – the effect of media upon the Muslim woman
•    Love the people of Sunnah!
•    The importance of accompanying those who seek knowledge
•    Salafiyyah via marriage only?
•    Be thankful for Allaah guiding you in a world of darkness, to the truth and the people of truth